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The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is a premier paddling destination for people from around the world.

Exploring these islands by kayak gives you the chance to quiet your mind and go back in time to wonder what it was like to be a glacier carving ancient shorelines, or what it would feel like to be a French Voyageur paddling these waters with your load of furs for trade. It gives you time to ponder what makes sea caves, or perhaps visit a lighthouse and imagine what it was like to live on these islands. Maybe you paddle over a shipwreck and feel the cool hand of the lake in a different way, or walk through the timeless wisdom of a moss-laden old growth forest.

Our kayak camping trips put you in touch with the water and islands like no other form of travel. You will be camping, but you will also be traveling in style: Self-sufficient, self-propelled, and in touch with your surroundings.

Your typical day may begin with a morning dip in Lake Superior while Ospreys fish from overhead, enjoying freshly-ground coffee while writing in your journal, taking a hike to a lighthouse to see the sunrise, or sleeping in while your guide fixes breakfast! The rest of the day is usually spent paddling to new islands and exploring what your unique travel route has to offer. End your day with a swim or hike while your guide prepares a wonderful dinner over the fire.

What to Expect
Our guides have proven safety, teaching, and paddling skills. All guides have specific training by the American Canoe Association and lead guides have advanced first aid certifications with lots of time on the water.
Our food is some of the best. Expect to be treated to dishes such as local whitefish, roasted brie, fresh fruit salads, chicken or vegetarian wraps, desserts made over a fire, and more.
*Our equipment is chosen with safety in mind, offering top of the line singles, tandems, and even triple kayaks.
You'll come away from your trip with new-found skills in paddling and kayak camping. All overnight trips include our Introductory Safety Course to teach you foundational kayaking skills and every trip includes lessons in natural and cultural history as our route and time allow.

But don't just take our word for it, read the reviews

Trip Descriptions
Which trip you choose depends upon how long you have, and how much you want to experience. A shorter trip will give you a taste of sea kayaking in the islands, while a longer trip will allow you to see more of not only the islands, but of yourself and what you're made of. The wilderness experience has much to offer, so we recommend that you give it as much time as you can.

We wanted to mention the option of creating your own trip first because you should know that we will work with you to create the type of trip you want no matter what, including your own dates. Please call us to talk about your goals and route options. Once you sign up we'll send you a form to fill out with your preferences on food, equipment, etc.
Groups, Non-profits, and Camps receive special pricing on any of our trips or may choose a custom trip of any length. Contact us with any questions and to set your own route and dates.

A TASTE OF THE ISLANDS (2 days/1 night)
For those interested in a two-day campling (that's camping and sampling) of what the Apostles have to offer we give you this trip. As with all of our offerings, custom options are available outside of what we have listed below.
Your journey begins on day one with sea kayak training in strokes and rescues. After lunch we'll pack our boats and paddle to our home for the night.

Sand Island Suite
Sand Island is one of the more diverse Islands for those interested in sampling a bit of what the Apostles have to offer; Sea caves, lighthouse, hiking trails, beaches, apple trees, and historical artifacts found in old fish camps, school foundations and even an old model T Ford chassis...
It's a 4 mile paddle to camp. Once we're settled in we'll spend the rest of our time exploring the sea caves, lighthouses, hiking trails and shorelines of Sand Island, weather permitting. The next day we may kayak over to York or Raspberry Island for a lunch break,
or to the mainland sea caves as we paddle back to Cornucopia.

2015 Reserved Dates
Reserved dates are past but you can still reserve your own dates!
$269 plus tax per person includes equipment, guide, and meals.
Reservation Information

Oak Island Overnight
This trip starts with a 10 mile paddle, which is more paddling than our Sand Island overnight, but generally not too much for the novice to handle. Oak Island has a lot of hiking trails for the motivated explorer. Depending upon wind direction we may have the chance to visit the Raspberry Island lighthouse along our route.

2015 Reserved Dates
Reserved dates are past but you can still reserve your own dates!
$269 plus tax per person includes equipment, guide, and meals.
Reservation Information

Island Adventure
These is a custom 2-day trip we are offering this summer. Our options are wide open for campsites so we will plan on exploring locations that we don't normally get to go to.

2015 Reserved Dates
Reserved dates are past but you can still reserve your own dates!
$269 plus tax per person includes equipment, guide, and meals.
Reservation Information

ISLAND WANDERER (3 days/2 nights)
Our most popular trip, we'll spend 3 days exploring the islands where depending upon our route, we will visit historic fish camps, sea caves, lighthouses, old growth forests, and more.
We plan the route to allow some good paddling yet enough free time on the islands to explore or relax. Motivated novice paddlers welcome.

2015 Dates
July 25-27 (Camps on Basswood and Oak Island) 4 spots left
August 9-11 (Camps on Oak and Sand Island) 5 spots left
August 22-24 (Camps on Stockton and Oak Island) 12 spots left
$389 plus tax per person includes equipment, guide, and meals.
Reservation Information

(4 days/3 nights)
It's obvious; the longer you stay in the islands, the more you will see. What may not be as obvious is the effect that the water and wilderness has on you over an extended period of time. Treat yourself to an extended break. We try to balance our route to include a good amount of time on the water while leaving room to also explore the islands by foot. By the end of this trip your paddling skills should be honed for the rest of the season and you'll take away some great memories.

2015 Dates
August 3-6 (Camps on Oak, Rocky, and Sand Island) 4 spots left
August 17-20 (Camps on Basswood, Rocky, and Sand Island)
August 24-27 (Camps on )
2 spots left
$460 plus tax per person includes equipment, guide, and meals.
Reservation Information

(5 days/4 nights)
This is the longest standard trip that we offer. Our goal: Outer Island. Outer Island is the furthest of the Apostles from the mainland and when you are there you know it. On a good day you can see both Michigan and Minnesota, and not many other visitors. En route we will do our best to visit historic lighthouses, sea caves, reenactment fish camps, and if possible, take a day off from paddling to explore one of the better islands for hiking. Guests should have some prior sea kayaking experience.
Potential island stays: Any. (Dependent upon paddling route)
2015 Dates
July & August dates open.
Make a request for your preferred dates.
$550 plus tax per person includes equipment, guide, and meals.
Reservation Information
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A few facts about our overnight trips
*Each trip includes all paddling equipment and safety gear, tent, cookware and food. You must provide some personal items such as sleeping pad & bag, paddling clothing, and water bottle.

*Kids 8-11 years old are welcome to ride in the middle seat of our triple kayaks. Kids 12 years old and 100lbs on up may be an active paddler.

*Beginner-friendly. Our guides pride themselves in also being educators. You will learn about the local plants and animals and cultural history as time and route allow, and camping skills if new to it all.
"We enjoyed the time we spent with our guide and thought that he did an excellent job in all phases of the trip."

"The menu was varied and a pleasant surprise as we are experienced campers and hikers and know how hard it is to produce good meals on the move for days at a time."

"We were impressed with all of the equipment"

"The whole experience was very positive and worth every penny."